Terminology Discrepancies

The Beanstalk codebase currently uses several terms that are out of date with the whitepaper, the Beanstalk UI, the Farmers' Almanac, etc. The following is a list of outdated terminology used in the Beanstalk codebase and the associated proper terms.
These discrepancies can be resolved in a future BIP.
Beanstalk codebase
Beanstalk term
Internal Balance
Farm Balance
External Balance
Circulating Balance
Pod Market
Unfertilized Beans
Fertilized Beans
Rinsable Sprouts
Claim Fertilized
Underlying assets (w.r.t. Unripe assets)
Ripe assets
Earned Seeds
Plantable Seeds
Season of Plenty
[not explicitly referenced]
Deposit Whitelist
[not explicitly referenced]
Convert Whitelist
[not explicitly referenced]
Oracle Whitelist
The following discrepancies are in the Beanstalk Subgraph.
Beanstalk Subgraph
Beanstalk term
Plantable Stalk
Earned Stalk
Pod Marketplace
Pod Market
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