The Farm allows Farmers to call multiple functions in a single transaction and use assets between different functions in a composable manner, without those assets every leaving Beanstalk (thanks to Internal Balances). Internal Balances allow the farm function to use the output of a function in the next function call.

The Farm also provides composable Beanstalk-native interfaces for other DeFi protocols. This allows Farmers to call supported external protocols through the farm function and leverage Internal Balances. The current protocols that the Farm supports are:

  • WETH -> wrapping and unwrapping; and

  • Curve -> swapping and adding/removing liquidity.

  • Pipeline -> performing an arbitrary series of actions in the EVM in a single transaction.

The Farm creates an interface to transfer ERC-20 tokens between Internal and External Balances, as well as between Farmers through the transferToken function.

The Farm consists of 5 facets:

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