Development Process

All subgraph documentation is in development and not necessarily up to date.
Issues related to bugs and feature requests can be submitted on the Beanstalk monorepo with a Subgraph tag.
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    Currently, a new branch is created for each release version. Any pending changes are made and commited to the new branch.
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    For initial development and testing, the subgraph is built and deployed to the testing deployment hosted by Beanstalk Farms.
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    Once the initial validation is complete and the subgraph can successfully index to chain head, the subgraph is then deployed to the dev deployment. From here other engineers can utilize this endpoint to update any items as needed (such as bots, UI calls, etc.)
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    Finally, given successful implementation on the dev deployment, the subgraph is published to both The Graph's decentralized network for indexing along with the beanstalk hosted deployment. An archive version is also created and supported on the Beanstalk hosted endpoint. For example, v2.0.3 is deployed to beanstalk-2-0-3.

Beanstalk Subgraph Endpoints

Beanstalk Farms Centralized Host
The Graph Hosted Service


How the Beanstalk subgraph infrastructure works and where it is deployed.
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