Bean Sprout

Bean Sprout is a Beanstalk accelerator program to facilitate rapid development on and around Beanstalk in a decentralized fashion. Bean Sprout is responsible for the incubation of Root.


Like Beanstalk Farms, Bean Sprout does not have a treasury and has historically been minted a a budget by the Beanstalk DAO via BIP. Budget funds are custodied by the Bean Sprout Multisig (BSM).

Past BIPs that funded Beanstalk Sprout:

Monthly reports on how Bean Sprout spent its budget can be found here.


Currently, Bean Sprout is not actively funded. The last Bean Sprout budget was the Q4 2022 budget. Past BSPs can be read here.

Bean Sprout Proposals, or BSPs, are proposals to use the Bean Sprout budget. Anyone with 0.1% of the Stalk supply or BSM signers can propose a BSP. BSPs are voted on by Stalkholders.

BSPs that propose to spend less than or equal to 25,000 Beans are optimistically approved unless a quorum of 10% of the Stalk supply is reached, after which the majority vote determines the outcome of the vote. BSPs that propose to spend more than 25,000 Beans must reach a quorum of 10% of the Stalk supply and a majority vote For in order to pass.

A BSP is not required for the BSM to send payments valued at under 4,000 Beans.

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