BeaNFTs were the first project built on top of Beanstalk. BeaNFTs have historically been awarded to Farmers for interacting with Beanstalk during certain time periods. BeaNFT contract addresses can be found on the Contracts page.

You can read more about them here:



BeaNFT Proposals, or BNPs, are proposals through which the BeaNFT DAO votes on the direction of BeaNFTs (new collections, collection upgrades, etc.).

Anyone with 0.1% of the BeaNFT supply can propose a BNP. BNPs are voted on by BeaNFT holders and have two voting choices: For and Against. The Voting Period for BNPs is 7 days.

If at the end of the Voting Period:

  • Less than or equal to 15% of the BeaNFT supply is voting For or the majority of participating BeaNFTs is voting Against the BNP, it fails, or

  • More than 15% of the BeaNFT supply is voting For and the majority of participating BeaNFTs is voting For the BNP, it passes.

A BNP to create a new BeaNFT collection should include, at a minimum: (1) criteria to qualify for a BeaNFT in the new collection and (2) any rarity boost criteria. Including high level information about the theme of the collection, whether qualifying Farmers will be required to mint them, etc. is recommended. After the passage of the BNP, it is on the proposer to see through the completion of the art, the creation and deployment of the contracts, etc. Due to this, there is no guarantee that a new collection gets created after the passage of this type of BNP.

A BNP seeking to upgrade an existing BeaNFT collection should outline (1) the proposed upgrade, (2) the rationale for the upgrade and (3) any technical criteria required to be implement the upgrade.

A BNP can also be used to change the configuration or signers on the BeaNFT DAO Multisig (BDM).

BNPs are proposed on the BeaNFT DAO Snapshot space. BeaNFT holders can vote on BNPs on the Beanstalk UI Governance page. Past BNPs can be read here.

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