Add Bean to MetaMask

If you have Beans in your wallet but they do not appear under “Assets” in MetaMask, you can add the Bean ERC-20 token contract as a custom token so that MetaMask will recognize your Bean holdings. Note that MetaMask will only show your Circulating Beans—your balances within Beanstalk can be seen on the Balances page.

  1. At the bottom of the “Assets” tab in MetaMask, select “import tokens”.

  2. Select the “Custom Token” tab.

  3. Under “Token Contract Address”, enter “0xBEA0000029AD1c77D3d5D23Ba2D8893dB9d1Efab”. “Token Symbol” will automatically be filled with “BEAN”.

  4. Select “Add Custom Token”.

  5. Select “Import Tokens”.

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