Beanstalk belongs to the Beanstalk DAO and is developed as an open source, permissionless public good. Anyone can contribute to Beanstalk and the Bean-based economy by:

Participating in Beanstalk governance

Become a Stalkholder and participate in Beanstalk governance by Depositing whitelisted assets in the Silo to earn Stalk.

Read more about Beanstalk governance and the various proposals.

Each governance proposal has a channel for discussion on the Beanstalk Discord.

Building with Beanstalk and Beans

Beanstalk's capital efficient model is designed to facilitate a Bean-based economy of protocols and businesses benefiting from building on Beanstalk and using Beans. Beanstalk welcomes builders and provides a competitive edge to your project.

Discuss business ideas in the (#💡・business-ideas) channel on the Beanstalk Discord.

Submitting improvements to the Beanstalk protocol

The Beanstalk protocol is deployed on Ethereum mainnet. The code base is open source and developed on GitHub. Discuss improvements to Beanstalk in the (#💡・beanstalk-ideas) channel in the Beanstalk Discord.

Protocol changes are submitted as Beanstalk Improvement Proposals (BIPs) and are committed if passed by Stalkholders.

Submitting improvements to Beanstalk development tooling

All Beanstalk development tooling, such as the Beanstalk UI, SDK and Subgraph, are open source.

Leave feedback on the Beanstalk UI in the (#🌐・ui-feedback) channel and discuss improvements to Beanstalk development tooling in the (#🪵・development) channel in the Beanstalk Discord.

Submitting improvements to Beanstalk documentation

Documentation around Beanstalk is continually improving and help is more than welcome.

Leave feedback in the (#📜・docs-feedback) channel on the Beanstalk Discord or make a pull request directly to:

Becoming a member of the Beanstalk Farms Committee

Hiring for Beanstalk Farms is performed by the Beanstalk Farms Committee (BFC). You can join the BFC yourself through a BFCP-A proposal.

Funding your own development organization

Decentralization of development of the Beanstalk protocol is critical to the long term success of Beanstalk. Anyone can propose a BIP to the DAO in order to mint Beans to fund their own organization.

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