BFC Dashboard

The Beanstalk Farms Committee, or BFC, is the group of Beanstalk Farms contributors that has discretion over the Beanstalk Farms budget, including contributor compensation. The BFC hires contributors at and dismisses contributors from Beanstalk Farms. Read more here.

BFC Members

The current BFC members are as follows, in no particular order:
BFC member
End of term
December 2023
September 2023
Silo Chad
December 2023
December 2023
Adding members to the BFC requires a BFCP-A and removing BFC members requires a BFCP-B. You can read more about BFCPs here.
The following addresses do not custody any funds and are not signers on any multisig—they are simply used by BFC members to propose and vote on BFBPs on the Beanstalk Farms Budget Snapshot page.