Transfer Pods

Pods can be Transferred from one address to another directly. Note that Pods can be exchanged in a trustless fashion on the Pod Market.

  1. Make sure you are on and connect your wallet.

  2. Navigate to the “Field” page.

  3. In the “Transfer” tab, there is a dropdown menu to select the Plot you would like to transfer. The menu lists all Plots ordered by place in the Pod Line.

  4. Enter the number of Pods you want to Transfer, up to the “Plot Size” shown below the input box.

  5. Transfers of partial Plots send the end of the Plot by default.

    • To specify the portion of the Plot to send, select “Advanced”. Use the slider or text boxes to select the portion of the Plot to Transfer.

  6. Enter the Ethereum address to Transfer the Pods to under “Transfer to”.

  7. A transaction preview will appear below the inputs. Select the “Transaction Details” dropdown to review each step of the transaction.

  8. Select “Transfer”.

  9. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and your hardware wallet, if applicable. You should verify that the transaction is interacting with the correct contract before signing it.

  10. After the transaction has been confirmed by the network, the Transferred Pods will appear at the recipient’s address on the “Field” page under the “Pod Balance” component.

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