Pipeline is a sandbox contract that can execute an arbitrary number of actions within the EVM from an EOA in a single transaction.

Pipeline enables the execution an arbitrary composition of valid actions within the EVM in a single transaction using Ether. Depot is a wrapper for Pipeline that supports (1) loading Ether and non-Ether assets into Pipeline, (2) using them and (3) unloading them from Pipeline, in a single transaction. Clipboard defines an Advanced Function Call (AFC) architecture that allows subsequent function calls to use the returnData of previous ones in a configurable fashion. The combination of Pipeline, Depot and Clipboard allows EVM users to perform arbitrary valid actions, through arbitrarily many protocols, in a single transaction.

Website: https://evmpipeline.org

Whitepaper: https://evmpipeline.org/pipeline.pdf

Pipeline GitHub: https://github.com/BeanstalkFarms/Pipeline

Halborn Audit Report: https://bean.money/11-15-22-pipeline-halborn-report

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