Where to Begin?

New to Beanstalk? Learn the basics by reading Why Beanstalk and How Beanstalk Works.

The Beanstalk Whitepaper is the authoritative source of protocol documentation while the Farmers' Almanac is more accessible.

If you prefer audio content, check out the Beanstalk University recordings in the Beanstalk Learning Center.

Ready to use Beans? Participate in Beanstalk and earn yield through different components of the Farm:

  • Silo: Earn yield and participate in Beanstalk governance by Depositing whitelisted assets. Silo Deposits earn a portion of new Bean mints. Learn more about the Silo and how to Deposit in the Silo.

  • Field: Earn yield by Sowing (lending) Beans to Beanstalk. Lenders receive Pods, which are placed in a First In, First Out (FIFO) line that earns a portion of new Bean mints. Pods become Harvestable (redeemable) at an indeterminate future time for a fixed number of Beans. Learn more about the Field and how to Sow Beans.

  • Barn: Earn yield and recapitalize Beanstalk with Fertilizer. Fertilizer earns a portion of new Bean mints up to a fixed return. Learn more about the Barn and how to Buy Fertilizer.

  • Market: Trade Pods, the Beanstalk-native debt asset, redeemable for Beans. Learn more about the Market and how to Buy Pods.

Returning to Beanstalk as a pre-exploit Farmer? Your pre-exploit assets regain value in accordance with the success of the Barn Raise and growth of the Bean supply thereafter. Learn more about the Barn and how to Pick Unripe Assets and Enroot your Revitalized Stalk and Seeds.

Have questions? Join our Discord for anything not covered in the Farmers' Almanac!

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