Delegate Votes

Stalkholders and BeaNFT holders can delegate their Stalk and BeaNFTs in the beanstalkdao.eth, beanstalkfarms.eth, wearebeansprout.eth and beanft.eth Snapshot spaces to any other Farmer. The delegate can then vote on their behalf in governance proposals. Stalk must be delegated on each Snapshot space individually.

  1. Make sure you are on and connect your wallet.

  2. Select “More” then “Governance” to navigate to the Governance page.

  3. Under the "DAO", "Beanstalk Farms" and "Bean Sprout" tabs the Stalk you own and any Stalk that has been delegated to you is shown. Under the "BeanNFT DAO" tab the BeaNFTs you own and any BeaNFTs that have been delegated to you is shown.

  4. To delegate your Stalk or BeaNFTs to another Farmer, select "Delegate your [Stalk/BeaNFT] votes to another Farmer on [Snapshot space]".

  5. Enter the address to delegate to. View delegate applications on the Beanstalk Discord or you may delegate to any Ethereum address.

    • If Farmer A delegates to Farmer B and both of them vote, then the delegated voting power is not calculated—in this instance the votes of the two Farmers will be calculated as if the delegation did not happen. The vote of B will be counted if A does not vote.

  6. Select "Set Delegate".

  7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and your hardware wallet, if applicable. You should verify that the transaction is interacting with the correct contract before signing it.

  8. After the transaction has been confirmed by the network, the Delegation page for the Snapshot space you delegated will reflect the delegation.

    • You can also verify your delegations on Snapshot.

    • Stalk must be delegated on each Snapshot space individually.

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