Discord Roles

Farmers in the Beanstalk Discord can earn various roles. Roles are given out based on the following criteria at the discretion of the Mods.
The pseudonym of Beanstalk’s founders.
Community members that enforce the Discord rules and update roles at their discretion. Mods are selected by Beanstalk Farms.
Beanstalk contributors.
Master Farmer
The most prestigious role a Farmer can achieve. Master Farmers have demonstrated a deep understanding of both the ethos of Beanstalk and the protocol itself. Also given to Nick Mudge, the creator of the EIP-2535 Diamond Standard.
Expert Farmer
A Farmer that has demonstrated an extensive understanding of Beanstalk through their commitment to answering questions and helping Farmers in their Beanstalk journey.
BeaNFT Club Member
A Farmer who has a BeaNFT and has verified in the (# • collabland-join) channel in Discord.
Journeyman Farmer
A Farmer who is a longtime community member and has contributed to multiple high quality discussions. Also given to community members who have hosted podcasts, Twitter spaces or other events about Beanstalk.
Humble Farmer
A Farmer that has demonstrated interest in and/or understanding of Beanstalk and participated in community discussions in a constructive fashion.
Local Farmer
A new Farmer who has accepted the rules and completed the Discord verification process.