Discord Roles

Farmers in the Beanstalk Discord can earn various roles. Roles are given out based on the following criteria at the discretion of the Mods.


The pseudonym of Beanstalkโ€™s founders.


Community members that enforce the Discord rules and update roles at their discretion. Mods are selected by Beanstalk Farms.


Beanstalk contributors.

Master Farmer

The most prestigious role a Farmer can achieve. Master Farmers have demonstrated a deep understanding of both the ethos of Beanstalk and the protocol itself. Also given to Nick Mudge, the creator of the EIP-2535 Diamond Standard.

Expert Farmer

A Farmer that has demonstrated an extensive understanding of Beanstalk through their commitment to answering questions and helping Farmers in their Beanstalk journey.

BeaNFT Club Member

A Farmer who has a BeaNFT and has verified in the (# โ€ข collabland-join) channel in Discord.

Journeyman Farmer

A Farmer who is a longtime community member and has contributed to multiple high quality discussions. Also given to community members who have hosted podcasts, Twitter spaces or other events about Beanstalk.

Humble Farmer

A Farmer that has demonstrated interest in and/or understanding of Beanstalk and participated in community discussions in a constructive fashion.

Local Farmer

A new Farmer who has accepted the rules and completed the Discord verification process.

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