BCM Dashboard

The Beanstalk Community Multisig (BCM) custodies ownership of the Beanstalk contract. The BCM has the exclusive ability upgrade Beanstalk. In the future, it is expected that BIPs will remove governance entirely, revoking these abilities from the BCM.

Beanstalk Community Multisig Safe address: 0xa9bA2C40b263843C04d344727b954A545c81D043

The Beanstalk contract is guarded by a 5-of-9 multisig. This means any changes to the Beanstalk contract must be approved by at least 5 of the 9 signers.

BCM Signers

Publius currently holds 1 of the 9 keys on the BCM. The identities of the remaining signers are anonymous per Anonymous Signers.

See the BCM Verification page for more information on how the BCM is verifying transactions.

Signer Hashes

Signers hashes are published from 0x925753106fcdb6d2f30c3db295328a0a1c5fd1d1, the address that Publius used to deploy Beanstalk on August 6, 2021.

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