The Farm is the Beanstalk ecosystem. Anyone can become a Farmer by interacting with Beanstalk.
The Farm has five primary components: the Sun, Silo, Field, Market and Depot.
The Sun offers payment for participation in timekeeping and regular code execution. Time on the Farm is kept in Seasons.
The Silo—the Beanstalk DAO—offers passive yield opportunities to owners of Bean and other whitelisted assets for participation in governance of Beanstalk upgrades and contribution to security, liquidity and stability.
The Field offers yield opportunities to creditors for participating in peg maintenance.
The Market offers zero-fee trading to anyone on the Ethereum network.
The Depot facilitates interactions with other protocols through Beanstalk in a single transaction.
The Barn is the Beanstalk recapitalization facility being used to Replant Beanstalk but is not a primary component of the Farm.