BFM Dashboard

Beanstalk Farms budget funds are custodied by the Beanstalk Farms Multisig, or BFM. The BFM is deployed using Safe. Its m-of-n configuration is currently 4-of-7 on Ethereum mainnet. This means any use of the budget funds must be approved by at least 4 of the 7 signers.

Beanstalk Farms Multisig Safe address: 0x21DE18B6A8f78eDe6D16C50A167f6B222DC08DF7

BFM Signers

The current BFM signers are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Michael Montoya

  • Brean

  • guy

  • sweetredbeans

  • mod323

  • aloceros

  • Cujo

The following Farmers serve as backup signers for the BFM, in no particular order:

  • pizzaman1337

  • CanadianBennett

  • MrMochi

Rotating BFM signers requires a BOP (or BIP) unless a signer voluntarily leaves the BFM or for rotating in a backup signer.

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