Beanstalk Farms

The Beanstalk DAO is responsible for the formation of two independent, symbiotic organizations with distinct mandates: Beanstalk Farms and Bean Sprout (a Beanstalk accelerator program).

Beanstalk Farms is a decentralized development organization of core contributors working on Beanstalk, operating across the stack on technical and non-technical problems.


Neither Beanstalk Farms nor Beanstalk have a treasury. Beanstalk Farms has historically been funded by the Beanstalk DAO. Beanstalk Farms proposes budget BIPs that mint Beans to cover operating expenses and compensate contributors. Budget funds are custodied by the Beanstalk Farms Multisig (BFM). Larger payments in non-Bean assets like audits have historically been paid for via Fundraiser.

Past BIPs that funded Beanstalk Farms:

Monthly reports on how Beanstalk Farms is spending its budget can be found here.

Beanstalk Farms Committee

The Beanstalk Farms Committee (BFC) is the group of Beanstalk Farms contributors that has discretion over the Beanstalk Farms budget, including contributor compensation. The BFC hires at and dismisses contributors from Beanstalk Farms.

Beanstalk Farms Committee Proposals, or BFCPs, are proposals related to personnel on the BFC. The Beanstalk DAO governs the BFC. The Beanstalk DAO adds contributors to the BFC via BFCP-As, removes contributors from the BFC via BFCP-Bs, and renews the terms of existing BFC members via BFCP-Cs.

Any Stalkholder with 0.1% of the Stalk supply can propose a BFCP-A or BFCP-B. There is no maximum number of BFC members, which facilitates permissionlessness.

Beanstalk Farms Budget Proposals, or BFBPs, are proposals related to the use of the Beanstalk Farms budget. Only BFC members can propose and vote on BFBPs.

The BFC hires contributors via BFBP-As, dismisses contributors via BFBP-Bs, and otherwise uses the Beanstalk Farms budget via BFBP-Cs.

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