Check out the Asset States page to better understand your Balances on the Beanstalk UI.


The Beanstalk recapitalization facility being used to Replant Beanstalk. Read more here.

Barn Raise

A fundraiser to restore $77M in non-Bean liquidity stolen from the Silo in the April 2022 governance exploit. Participants in the Barn Raise receive Fertilizer and Sprouts.

Bean Denominated Value (BDV)

The value of an asset denominated in Beans. Used to calculate how many Stalk and Seeds are rewarded to Depositors of a whitelisted asset. Abbreviated as BDV.

Bean Sprout (BS)

A Beanstalk accelerator program to facilitate development on and around Beanstalk in a decentralized fashion. Read more here.

Bean Sprout Multisig (BSM)

The multisig that custodies the Bean Sprout budget funds. Abbreviated as BSM. Read more here.


The ERC-20 fiat stablecoin issued by Beanstalk.


The Ethereum-native, decentralized fiat stablecoin protocol that issues Beans.

Beanstalk Community Multisig (BCM)

The multisig that will custody ownership of the Beanstalk contract until on-chain governance can be reimplemented. The BCM will be able to propose and execute upgrades to Beanstalk. Abbreviated as BCM. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms (BF)

A decentralized team of core contributors to Beanstalk, operating across the stack on technical and non-technical problems. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms Budget Proposal (BFBP)

A proposal related to the use of the Beanstalk Farms budget. Abbreviated as BFBP. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms Committee (BFC)

The group of Beanstalk Farms contributors that has discretion over the Beanstalk Farms budget, including contributor compensation. The Beanstalk Farms Committee hires and dismisses contributors at Beanstalk Farms. Abbreviated as BFC. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms Committee Proposal (BFCP)

A proposal related to the Beanstalk Farms Committee. Abbreviated as BFCP. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms Multisig (BFM)

The multisig that custodies the Beanstalk Farms budget funds. Abbreviated as BFM. Read more here.

Beanstalk Farms Subgraph Multisig (BFSM)

The multisig that custodies the Beanstalk and Bean subgraphs. Abbreviated as BFSM. Read more here.

Beanstalk Immunefi Committee (BIC)

A committee to determine the categorization and payout of bug bounties in accordance with the bug bounty program. Read more here.

Beanstalk Immunefi Responses (BIR)

Responses to bug reports on Immunefi in accordance with the bug bounty program. Read more here.

Beanstalk Improvement Proposal (BIP)

A proposal to change Beanstalk. Abbreviated as BIP. Read more here.

Beanstalk Operations Proposal (BOP)

A proposal for having the Beanstalk DAO vote on things other than protocol changes. Abbreviated as BOP. Read more here.

Bean to Max LP Seed Ratio

Determines the relative benefits of holding Bean exposure vs exposure to at least 1 particular LP token in the Silo over time. More specifically, the ratio of Seed rewards between Beans and the LP token with the highest Gauge Points per BDV. Adjusted via the Seed Gauge System. Read more here.


Remove a Pod Order or Pod Listing from the Pod Market.


Burning Unripe assets in exchange for underlying Ripe assets. Read more here.

Chop Penalty

The percentage claim to future Ripe assets forfeited by Chopping.

Circulating Beans

Beans in Farmers' wallets.


Changing one Deposited asset for another within the Silo. Read more here.

Convert Whitelist

The generalized whitelist that determines which Conversions within the Silo are permitted under certain conditions. Read more here.


The shortage or excess of Beans in a liquidity pool Beans trade in.

Delta Demand

The ratio of the change in Soil over the prior two Seasons. Used to measure Demand for Soil.


Assets on the Deposit Whitelist can be Deposited in the Silo at any time to earn Stalk and Seeds. Read more here.

Deposit Whitelist

The whitelist of ERC-20 tokens that can be Deposited in the Silo. Any ERC-20 token can be added or removed from the Deposit Whitelist via governance. Beans are always whitelisted. Read more here.

Deposited Assets

Assets Deposited in the Silo.


The component of the Farm that facilitates interactions with other protocols through Beanstalk in a single transaction. Read more here.

Dry Season

A Season where no Beans are minted per the peg maintenance mechanism.

Earned Beans

Beans that have been paid to a Silo Member since the last Season the Silo Member Planted their Plantable Seeds. Upon Plant, Earned Beans are Deposited in the current Season. Earned Beans are distributed 10 blocks (2 minutes) after a successful gm function call.

Earned Stalk

Stalk earned from Earned Beans. Earned Stalk automatically contribute to Stalk ownership and do not require any action to claim them.

Emergency Beanstalk Improvement Proposal (EBIP)

An emergency proposal to change Beanstalk that is decided on and committed by the Beanstalk Community Multisig (BCM). Abbreviated as EBIP. Read more here.


Adds Revitalized Stalk and Seeds to your Stalk and Seed balances, respectively.


The Beanstalk ecosystem. The Farm has five primary components: the Sun, Silo, Field, Market, and Depot.

Farm Assets

Assets stored in Beanstalk. Farm Assets can be used in transactions on the Farm and may be more gas efficient than Circulating Assets. Read more about Asset States.


Users of Beanstalk.


Sprouts are Fertilized by Active Fertilizer, at which point they become Rinsable Sprouts.


An ERC-1155 token that Beanstalk mints in exchange for USDC. Fertilizer comes with Sprouts, which represent debt to be repaid by Beanstalk in the form of new Beans. Fertilizer has no fixed maturity. Fertilizer can be Available, Active or Used. Read more here.


The Beanstalk credit facility. Read more here.


First in, first out. Pods become Harvestable on a FIFO basis. This means that Pods closer to the front of the Pod Line become Harvestable before Pods farther back in the Pod Line.


Match a Pod Listing with an overlapping Pod Order.


If P > 1 over the previous Season and the Pod Rate is less than 5%, there is a Flood. At the beginning of a Season where it Floods, Beanstalk mints additional Beans and sells them directly on Curve.


A mechanism for Beanstalk to issue Pods for dollar-pegged assets other than Beans independent of Soil minting in order to raise funds to facilitate payments in other currencies (e.g., to cover the cost of an audit). Read more here.

Gauge Points

Determine Grown Stalk issuance across various LP tokens.


Germinating Deposits are Deposits that are <2 gm calls old. Germinating Deposits can be Withdrawn or Transferred, but cannot be Converted. Germination exists to add flash loan and inter-block MEV manipulation resistance to the calculation of Deposited BDV. By preventing the accrual of Earned Beans for 1 full Season, Beanstalk further disincentivizes inorganic demand.


Beanstalk accepts one gm function call every Season. Upon the gm call, Beanstalk Ripens Pods, Fertilizes Sprouts, distributes Beans to Stalkholders, adjusts the Temperature, etc.

Grown Stalk

Stalk earned from Seeds. Grown Stalk does not contribute to Stalk ownership until it is Mown. Mow can be called on its own, and it is also called at the beginning of any Silo interaction (Depositing, Withdrawing, Converting, etc.).


Redeem Harvestable Pods for 1 Bean each.

Harvestable Pods

Pods that are redeemable for 1 Bean each. Harvestable Pods must be Harvested in order to use them.


The interest rate on Fertilizer purchases. Read more here.


Jack chopped down Beanstalk on April 17, 2022.

Liquidity to Supply Ratio (L2SR)

Represents the Beanstalk liquidity level relative to the Bean supply. The L2SR is a useful indicator of Beanstalk's health.

Liquidity Weight

The portion of liquidity in a whitelisted liquidity pool that counts towards the Liquidity to Supply Ratio calculation.


The component of the Farm that offers zero-fee trading to anyone on the Ethereum network. Read more here.

Maximum Temperature

The maximum Temperature Beanstalk is willing to offer during a Season. Read more here.

Minting Whitelist

The whitelist of liquidity pools whose deltaB’s are summed to calculate a cumulative deltaB. Read more here.


The first 25 blocks of each Season.


Mowing Grown Stalk adds it to your Stalk balance. Called upon any interaction with the Silo.

Ordered Beans

Beans stored in Pod Orders.

Pari passu

Fertilizer is paid back on a pari passu basis. Active Fertilizer Fertilizes a pro-rata portion of Sprouts, by Fertilizer. This is in contrast to the first in, first out (FIFO) Harvest schedule of the Pod Line in the Field.


Temporarily prevent the gm function call from being accepted. Read more here.


A one-time action that pre-exploit Farmers take to claim their non-Deposited Unripe assets.


A sandbox contract that can execute an arbitrary number of actions within the EVM from an EOA in a single transaction (see more on the Pipeline page). Note that this also currently refers to functionality in Beanstalk that is a channel from the Depot to another protocol. Pipelines can be added to the Depot via Beanstalk governance. Read more here.


Planting adds Plantable Seeds to your total Seed balance.

Plantable Seeds

Seeds earned in conjunction with Earned Beans. Plantable Seeds must be Planted in order to grow Stalk.


Pods that grow from Beans that were Sown in the same transaction form a Plot.

Pod Line

The order Pods will become Harvestable based on the FIFO Harvest schedule.

Pod Listing

An offer to sell Pods on the Pod Market. Read more here.

Pod Market

The decentralized, trustless market that Pods can be bought and sold on. Read more here.

Pod Order

An order to buy Pods on the Pod Market. Read more here.

Pod Rate

The Beanstalk debt level (Pod supply) relative to the Bean supply. The Pod Rate is often used as a proxy for Beanstalk's health.


The Beanstalk-native debt asset, redeemable for 1 Bean each once Ripened into Harvestable Pods. Read more here.


The pseudonym of Beanstalk’s founders.

Rainy Season

A Season where Beans are minted per the peg maintenance mechanism.

Real Rate of Return (RRoR)

The return for Sowing Beans, accounting for the Bean price. RRoR = (1 + Temperature) / TWAP.


The relaunch of Beanstalk post-exploit.

Revitalized Stalk

Stalk that have vested for Unripe asset holders. Revitalized Stalk are minted as the BDV of Unripe assets increases. Revitalized Stalk does not contribute to Stalk ownership until Enrooted. Read more here.

Revitalized Seeds

Seeds that have vested for Unripe asset holders. Revitalized Seeds are minted as the BDV of Unripe assets increases. Revitalized Seeds do not generate Stalk until Enrooted. Read more here.

Rinsable Sprouts

Sprouts that are redeemable for 1 Bean each. Rinsable Sprouts must be Rinsed in order to use them.


Redeem Rinsable Sprouts for 1 Bean each.

Ripe Assets

Assets that are minted as Fertilizer is sold. Unripe assets represent a pro rata share of underlying Ripe assets.


When Pods passively turn into Harvestable Pods, they Ripen.


Seasons are Beanstalk-native time. Every Season is approximately 1 hour. Each Season begins when the gm function is successfully called on Ethereum.

Seed Gauge System

The component of Beanstalk responsible for dynamically adjusting the Seed rewards for different assets whitelisted in the Silo. Read more here.


An internal token that yields 1/10000 Grown Stalk every Season.


The Beanstalk DAO. Read more here.

Silo Members

Depositors in the Silo.

Silo Rewards

Rewards earned by Silo Members in the form of Earned Beans, Earned Stalk, Grown Stalk, Revitalized Stalk, Plantable Seeds, and Revitalized Seeds. Read more here.


The current number of Beans that can be Sown in exchange for Pods. Read more here.


Lend. Used in the context of Sowing Beans, or lending Beans to Beanstalk when there is Soil.


Sprouts represent how many Beans there are left to be earned from Fertilizer.


The Beanstalk governance token. Stalk entitles the holder to a pro rata share of future Bean mints and participation in Beanstalk governance. Read more here.


Holders of the Stalk token. Stalkholders participate in governance and earn Bean seigniorage.


The component of the Farm that keeps time in Seasons and incentivizes cost-efficient and timely calling of the gm function. Read more here.

Target Seasons to Catchup

Determines the target number of Seasons for a new Deposit with an average number of Seeds to catch up to the average Grown Stalk per BDV of existing Deposits at the time of Deposit.


The interest rate for Sowing Beans. Read more here.

Total Value Deposited (TVD)

The value of assets Deposited in the Silo. Abbreviated as TVD.


Moving Deposits, Plots or Fertilizer from one address to another. Deposits can be Transferred without the loss of Stalk, Seeds, or Stalk from Seeds. Assets can be transferred between Farm Balances and Circulating Balances.


Resume the acceptance of gm function calls. When Beanstalk is Unpaused, the gm function can be called at the beginning of the next hour.

Unripe Assets

Unripe assets represent a pro rata share of Ripe assets minted as Fertilizer is sold and debt is repaid to Fertilizer. Read more here.


Unripe Beans. See Unripe Assets.

Voting Period

The time interval in which a Beanstalk Improvement Proposal (BIP) is considered by Stalkholders. Read more here.


Deposited assets can be Withdrawn from the Silo at any time. The number of Stalk, Seeds, and Stalk from Seeds rewarded for a Deposited asset must be forfeited upon its Withdrawal from the Silo. Read more here.

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