Community Grant Program

The community grant program aims to reward community members for creating quality content about the Beanstalk ecosystem.
Through Q2 2023, a budget of 15,000 Beans per month will be allocated to creators of new Beanstalk-related content that focuses on Beanstalk and its role in the broader DeFi ecosystem.


When does the grant program start?
The grant is live and will continue monthly until Beanstalk Farms announces otherwise or if funding is not allocated through governance.
What kind of contributions are suitable?
Any content that adds value to Beanstalk by spreading awareness and education. A committee will decide whether each piece of submitted content is suitable for the grant.
Examples of high quality previous content are included in the Community Grant Program blog post.​
What kind of contributions are not eligible?
Recycled materials or shilly content.
How can I submit my contribution?
Reach out to mod323 on Discord, Twitter or at [email protected]
How many Beans will I receive?
There will be a monthly allocation of 15,000 Beans. How much each individual receives is determined by the quality and scope of content. If no content in a given month is deemed sufficiently high quality, then no Beans will be rewarded.
Where does the money come from?
From the Beanstalk Farms budget. The community grant program has been funded through Q2 2023.
Who will be on the committee?
The committee has 3 members, 2 from Beanstalk Farms and 1 from the community. It is selected by the Beanstalk Farms Committee.