Publius explains the Depot
Current complex interactions with Ethereum-native protocols are tedious, cumbersome and expensive. The Depot facilitates complex, gas-efficient interactions with other Ethereum-native protocols in a single transaction.
Any protocol with a Pipeline to the Depot can be used via Beanstalk in a single transaction. Pipelines to the Depot can be added via Beanstalk governance.


The Curve Pipeline allows anyone to call functions in any pool registered in any of the following Curve registries.
The following functions to interact with Curve pools can be called through the Curve Pipeline:
  • exchange(...)
  • exchange_underlying(...)
  • add_liquidity(...)
  • remove_liquidity(...)
  • remove_liquidity_imbalanced(...)
  • remove_liquidity_one_token(...)


The Pipeline Pipeline allows anyone to perform an arbitrary series of actions in the EVM in a single transaction by using 0xb1bE0000bFdcDDc92A8290202830C4Ef689dCeaa44 as a sandbox for execution.
The following functions to interact with Pipeline can be called through the Pipeline Pipeline.
  • pipe(...)
  • multiPipe(...)
  • advancedPipe(...)