Bean Sprout

Bean Sprout is a Beanstalk accelerator program to facilitate rapid development on and around Beanstalk in a decentralized fashion. Bean Sprout is responsible for the incubation of Root.


Like Beanstalk Farms, Bean Sprout does not have a treasury and has historically received a budget from the Beanstalk DAO via BIP. Budget funds are custodied by the Bean Sprout Multisig (BSM).
Past BIPs that funded Beanstalk Sprout:
Monthly reports on how Bean Sprout is spending its budget can be found here.


Bean Sprout Proposals, or BSPs, are proposals to use the Bean Sprout budget. Anyone with 0.1% of the Stalk supply or BSM signers can propose a BSP. BSPs are voted on by Stalkholders.
BSPs that propose to spend less than or equal to 25,000 Beans are optimistically approved unless a quorum of 10% of the Stalk supply is reached, after which the majority vote determines the outcome of the vote. BSPs that propose to spend more than 25,000 Beans must reach a quorum of 10% of the Stalk supply and a majority vote For in order to pass.