Migrate to Silo V3

After BIP-36, Farmers need to migrate to Silo V3 to continue interacting with the Silo.

  1. Make sure you are on app.bean.money and connect your wallet.

  2. Navigate to the “Silo” page.

  3. Under the "Migrate to Silo V3" header, select the green “Get started” button.

  4. On the "Preview Migration" step, you'll be able to view the Silo assets that will be migrated.

  5. Select the green “Migrate” button.

  6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and your hardware wallet, if applicable. You should verify that the transaction is interacting with the correct contract before signing it.

  7. After the transaction has been confirmed by the network, your Silo Deposits will appear in your wallet as ERC-1155 tokens. You can then proceed to engage with the Silo via the Beanstalk UI, just as you did previously.

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